BSUK – Basava Samiti of United Kingdom

Established and founded as one of the finest and world-renowned non-profit organisations in the world, Basava Samithi Of United Kingdom (BSUK), had its inception in the year 2016.

Elevating the prominence of the principles of Basaveshwara and other Sharanas, the organization has flourished through its purpose of bringing an egalitarian society together, based on spirituality without discriminating amongst religion, caste and creed.

As an ardent philosopher and social reformer in 12th century having roots of origin from Karnataka, India, Basavanna’s teachings, philosophy and concepts have surpassed through all realms of the world and pervasively resonates through the universe and eternity.

As a man of various capabilities, he was perceived in multi-avatars by his disciples. He blended himself into many roles of being mystical, idealist, statesperson, humanist, and social reformer.

Defining a new perspective of looking at the concepts of life and spirituality in the form of Vachanas, thousands of Sharanas from different parts of the world joined his movement.

The encirclement around Kannada Literature enhanced the concentration of the divine essence even more.

Anubhava Mantapa, the religious parliament, established by sharanas was the bedrock foundation that vocalized about social democracy. The Sharanas also submitted to the belief that a man’s true valued existence in the society is not by his birth but by his worth.

The two elementary principles of Basava philosophy were social equality and universal brotherhood and offered an equal platform to women in society. Furthermore, the concepts of Dasoha and Kayaka were introduced by sharanas.